For more than 25 years, photography has played an important role in my life. It started as a way to share the beauty and excitement I have witnessed while traveling. Photography has become a way to express myself and my feelings.

Along the way, others found interest in what I created and wanted to share my excitement as well. Featured in textbooks, newsletters, newspapers, brochures, posters, on billboards, countless websites and numerous magazines with several covers photos, my photography has been well received with about 500 photos published in print alone. Many of those photos are of amusement parks and rides, which is a specialty of mine. Being able to capture the thrill and excitement of some of the world’s most exciting rides has been one of my favorite activities. I’ve photographed for several top manufacturers and amusement parks as well as provided imagery to firms such as architects and animators. I have also retouched and printed many images for a national roller coaster museum display and some award winning photographers.

But amusement parks aren’t the only thing I love to photograph. The world around us is full of countless beauty & design and the pursuit of capturing that in ever increasing detail drives my quest for photography.

As an early adaptor of image processing software, I have a strong desire to produce the kind of image I want to display with exquisite detail and astounding depth. Photoshop is the tool of choice for modern “developing” of photographs and a program I use extensively. When I am on location shooting, I see the details in the shadows, in the skies and everywhere in between, I want to bring that alive in print form and Photoshop is by far the best tool available for doing so. It is technically called retouching but more commonly referred to as editing or post processing. It is just as important as capturing the image and also can be, can be done well or poorly. I’ve done an increasing amount of retouching for other photographers.

Photography is a way of life. I have spent years developing many techniques, both in the capture and post processing phases. Several years ago I began teaching people on a one to one basis and in the past few years, within a group environment. I am now offering classes and workshops to share my knowledge and my experience. With any good workshop, you are buying the instructors experience as well as their knowledge.

Above all, photography should be enjoyable, and that is something I would like to share with everyone.